Our Values

Supporting quality Australian and New Zealand fashion labels

At Boardwalk Fashion Merimbula, we value and support quality Australian and New Zealand fashion labels. By sourcing locally crafted garments, we are investing in our region’s economic future.

However, we also stock carefully selected imported labels that do not compromise our values of sustainability and slow fashion.

Supporting sustainable fashion

At Boardwalk Fashion, we care about our environment and so do our best to support sustainable fashion. We do this by procuring garments made from natural fibres like: silk, linen, merino wool, or organic cotton, for example. In addition, we  select labels that use ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Striving to achieve slow fashion

Slow fashion can help to reduce the impact we have on our environment.  We can achieve this by thoughtfully choosing quality clothing which lasts longer, and classic and contemporary designs that we wear more often.  As a result, unnecessary waste can be reduced.

If you share our values, shop at Boardwalk Fashion to help support slow and sustainable fashion.  You will also be supporting Australian jobs and manufacturing.

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